WELCOME TO EPISODE 14 OF RADIO OMNICOR – OUR PODCAST ABOUT THE SCIENCE OF BUSINESS! At Omnicor we are driven to understand as much as possible in the current organisational and development space. Each episode features fascinating guests who will share tools and the latest thinking to help you grow your business, team and your […]

Radio Omnicor – Episode 12 – Resize Your Dreams: A Mini-masterclass in Entrepreneurial Grit and Drive with Dennis Zietsman

This episode shines a spotlight on the hugely successful Dennis Zietsman, who was appointed as Deputy Group Chairman of Servest in 2011 and co-founded the Servest Group in 1997 with Kenton Fine.

Servest is a leading facilities management group that is a household name. The Group employs in excess of 50 000 people with a billion dollar turnover across operations, globally.

So what does that take to run it?

Radio Omnicor – Episode 9 – Down the Assessment Rabbit Hole with Professor Kriek

Prof Hennie Kriek, CEO of TTS and highly acclaimed academic, is in studio with Colleen Mclintock, Hilton Rudnick and Marcel Harper.

In this panel interview format, the discussion looks back into the practice of psychometrics, and to the future – or where it may end up. The current practice of online assessments is unpacked and Prof explains the pros and cons… some which may surprise you.

Radio Omnicor – Episode 8 – An Epic Journey from Goal-Driven Coaching to Presence and Purpose

In this episode, James Ashton takes us on an epic journey, so beautifully narrated that it will have you transported to faraway places and spaces. He shares his very personal story of starting Omnicor with his wife Cathy Farlam, and how they built a business with passion and purpose at a time in South Africa’s history that demanded sensitivity and vision.

Radio Omnicor – Episode 7 – Grains of Truth from the Happy Sandpit – Engagement and Beyond

This month: Dr Hilton Rudnick is in the studio with Colin Browne, and we discuss the thorny issue of organisational culture.

Colin has a very important message about leadership and their impact on the organisational culture and climate. His metaphor of the happy sandpit immediately sets the tone for the conversation.

Colin has a unique perspective as a journalist, researcher and business owner, and has dealt with the hard realities of leadership himself. What are the factors that will get your team excited to come to work and which potentially chase them away?

This episode is a must-listen for new leaders and those struggling with this complex issue, with practical steps to improve your current work climate.

Radio Omnicor – Episode 6 – Leadership for Advanced Users: Wisdom During Times of Chaos

This month: Professor Jansen is known for his strong views on transformation, peaceful reconciliation and unity, which he has pursued in earnest at UFS. Jansen stepped down as UFS Rector and Vice-Chancellor to become a Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University in the US.

In recognition of his contribution to education Prof Jansen has received honorary doctorates in education from the United Kingdom and the USA, including one from the University of Edinburgh. Prof Jansen has published several books, is a columnist in leading newspapers in the country and has a large social media following.

Our time was short but we managed to touch on some really interesting issues – for example, why did Prof leave SA and is he coming back? How do we address racism in SA amongst our friends and community? What is a Tarzan Leader and how do we bring some heart back to our leadership decisions?

Listen to this month’s podcast and find out the answer to these and many more questions.


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