Meet Rolefit

An enterprise application suite that helps manage Recruitment, Exit Interviews, Assessments and more


How we automate the boring stuff

1. Booking

All of your candidates are booked and managed online. RoleFit will notify candidates of important dates automatically

2. Testing

RoleFit natively supports all major test providers, you're never locked in to one, switch anytime

3. Reporting

After you've conducted your assessments, use RoleFit to generate insightful and professional metrics that can be integrated across various tools

Career Transition

Find out why people are leaving your company

Know what employees are happy and unhappy about

Automated exit and onboarding interviews

Key insights into your business climate

Talent Engagement Survey

A modern survey that continually identifies causes of unrest in companies before they become a problem

Selection Blueprint

Effectively use competency-based interviewing to make sure you get the best staff

Automatically Generate Interview Questions

Select the competencies you need for an open position and Selection Blueprint will dynamically generate relevant interview questions

Stored Safely

Your generated interview questions and any other competency data is encrypted and saved using industry standards

Use Existing Profiles

If you've already profiled a position, Selection Blueprint will import your data. Avoiding the hassle of manually selecting competencies


Ensure better compliance from managers during interviews, minimising legal costs and headaches

Profile Express

Job Profiling, Automated

Easily book profiling interviews online

Export data to all major competency libraries

Automatically generate professional profiles at the click of a button

Archive your profiles in one place for future reference