Outsourced Assessments:


Psychometric testing is one of the most fascinating and diverse topics within the world of psychology. Several journals are devoted to the topic and new tools regularly become available, endeavouring to shed ever more an accurate light on measuring abstract and invisible human constructs. In a corporate setting, the gold standard is to predict as accurately as possible how good the job performance of someone in a particular organisation, culture and role will be. While we have strong opinions about how to do this at Omnicor, we continue to finesse our knowledge and processes. There are countless ways to approach assessments, and on the surface results can look impressive in glossy voluminous reports, assessments can just as often provide dis-information and be more dangerous than not using assessments at all.


Our Approach

Assessment batteries based on the competencies of the role and organisational culture. Omnicor's USP is that we are tool agnostic. We are not a tool developer or distributer and we have no vested interest in using anything but the best (in value and efficacy) instruments on the market. We have access to over 300 different tools in areas such as Cognition, Complexity, Personality, Skills, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Integrity.

We have automated much in our delivery cycle, from booking candidates, monitoring within the process and sending you reports and our turnaround times are fast.. We also have faster turnaround than anyone else in the business. We are also happy to discuss the results with you for deeper insights into our interpretations.

You are able to log in and retrieve the company report online as often as you want at no additional cost. Comparative summaries and abbreviated report formats are similarly available at no additional cost. We are also able to monitor and track the Quality of Hiring decisions that you make based on our reports.

Candidates are all offered a face-to-face or online feedback session. In addition to the report, they receive specific development guides which provide the first steps in addressing some of their developmental areas.

Assessments area complicated business, with lots of moving parts and a confusing array of options that can befuddle anyone unfamiliar with the landscape. Omnicor is there to help you navigate through this world.