Assessments Done Right

Schedule, manage and run all of your assessments online. All of your work securely stored, available at the push of a button


RoleFit is test publisher agnostic, meaning you won’t be locked into one publisher or set of tests, and is delivered with a wide range of tests and reporting templates


Easily scale capacity by automating assessments, managing assessments, administrating users and delivering reports

Data Mining

RoleFit helps implement and mine data. it is dead easy to draw comparative summaries, filter test data and do hard core research

Outsourced Assessments

Use Omnicor's fifteen years of experience at your company

We Host

Your candidates can be tested in our professional environment, offsite or via remote supervision

Beautiful Reports

Using RoleFit, we'll take the mystery out of psychometric testing. Our reports are easy to understand and practical


HR and managers are given comprehensive verbal feedback about your candidates


Climate Surveys

Measure the factors that drive your organisational success without the admin headache

Leadership Development

Turn managers into effective leaders and leaders into strategic assets for your organisation


Change the behaviour of your organisation, one person at a time

Role Profiling

Helping you describe the roles within your organisation accurately and scientifically

Training and e-Learning

Learn core and advanced HR and people‐orientated skills from the experts.

Illume 360°

Take control of your 360s

With Illume, you can create affordable and credible 360° assessments, that do more work for you. All from the comfort of your desk

Custom Software Development

Want something that's not here? We can build it for you.

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