White Paper: Automating Assessments

If you’re involved in the assessment profession or function within your organization, you’re no doubt familiar with the challenges inherent in assessing for selection and development.

In our experience of more than 15 years in the South African assessment industry, we’ve encountered many of them: the difficulty of matching assessment tool to competency, explaining often-obscure psychometric data to laypeople, knowing what to recommend in borderline cases. All of these problems call for steady judgments and solid experience.

Assessments are tricky.

But they become especially difficult to manage if the processes that deliver them (i.e. booking candidates, writing reports, compiling financial data) are also complicated, slow, or inefficient.

In this paper, we’d like to share some of our experiences and learning that we’ve gained in helping our clients to automate their assessment functions. We believe that going the automated route liberates and empowers assessment professionals—ensuring that an already challenging task does not become nearly-impossible!

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