Cerebral Wattage

Better Thinking Through Science

The Heart of Omnicor Coaching

Omnicor’s coaching approach is a well-established and proven aspect of what we do to help individuals and groups develop a wide variety of personal competencies. Our values and passion for coaching drive the coaching team here at Omnicor. We are client focused and practice heroic customer service with a solution-focused and success-oriented approach. We provide ongoing support […]

What your recruitment strategy says about your organisation

Talented recruits sometimes are not talented interviewees As I journey daily, from organisation to organisation I am privy to HR and Management practices that leave me cold. I would like to share some of these moments with you, which will hopefully offer you a different perspective and raise your own personal awareness to the pitfalls […]


Recently our team leader was offered an opportunity overseas and left the organisation unexpectedly. Leaving behind a crucial leadership gap that needed to be filled. Realistically, recruiting for a senior role can take weeks or even months to conclude. Given that I had the most experience and time in the team, the organisation naturally leaned […]

5 Common Psychometric Assessment Myths You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to psychometric assessments, whether you are an employer or a potential employee there are a lot of misconceptions around the process and its outcomes. There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to the merits and flaws of using psychometrics, whether it is for recruitment or personal development. Most of these […]

Becoming engaged in an age of one-night stands

Engaged or Satisfied? One of the services we offer is to run surveys for our clients which determine the extent to which staff are engaged with their roles. We call it a Talent Engagement Survey, and at the centre of it is a finely tuned, factor analysed, set of questions which measure engagement. We had […]


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