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5 Common Psychometric Assessment Myths You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to psychometric assessments, whether you are an employer or a potential employee there are a lot of misconceptions around the process and its outcomes. There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to the merits and flaws of using psychometrics, whether it is for recruitment or personal development. Most of these […]

Becoming engaged in an age of one-night stands

Engaged or Satisfied? One of the services we offer is to run surveys for our clients which determine the extent to which staff are engaged with their roles. We call it a Talent Engagement Survey, and at the centre of it is a finely tuned, factor analysed, set of questions which measure engagement. We had […]

Solution Focussed Series – Job Crafting

How to find more meaning in your job through Job Crafting Job satisfaction is a term that is bandied about quite liberally, much like “work-life-balance” or “culture fit”. It is also a deeply subjective experience that it can be tricky to define in concrete terms: what may be perceived as a “great job” to one […]

Be the influence

DOES YOUR CONTRIBUTION INFLUENCE A MEETING? In the leadership development programmes we run, we have a session called “Influence in Meetings”. Essentially we place a group of people around a table, provide them with a problem to solve and then we watch what happens. At the end of the session, we ask people to rate […]


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