Cerebral Wattage

Better Thinking Through Science

Solution Focused Series – Making Meetings Meaningful

Meetings always happen Meetings are one of those universal inevitabilities in the workplace: they can take up a lot of time and, while their premise is usually to share information, resolve open matters or set ground rules, few of us would describe the experience of attending meetings as energising and fulfilling time well spent. Indeed, […]

Personality Plasticity

You can change your life William James, Freud, Erickson and Adler all believed personality to be stable throughout life and consistent across situations. Who we are as children is likely to be who we will be as adolescence and remain up until old age. But what if this was not the case? Most recently scientists […]

Unitasking: only for smart people

Amidst the constant whirr of traffic (on the road, in your inbox, throughout your day), the façade of multitasking as the pinnacle of effectiveness has lost its lustre. This is reflected in rising popularity of formalised practices such as mindfulness, or less formal unitasking tools like adult colouring books. Many influential thinkers and authors workers […]

Fostering Innovation

Innovation seems to be one of 2017’s trending words, and for good reason. Every company wants to remain competitive and profitable, and consistent innovation is critical to attaining this type of success. Nevertheless, innovation is multi-dimensional and complex. There are many factors that feed into the fruits of innovation but a key one that should […]


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