Cerebral Wattage

Better Thinking Through Science

5 Lessons for Modern Leaders

At Omnicor, we work with leaders in a variety of ways. Sometimes, we help our clients assess for leadership potential, and other times, we assist them in developing their leaders for the future. Recently, we’ve begun to talk to leaders from across the business and government spectrum of South Africa in our podcast, Radio Omnicor. […]

3 Risks of Poor Job Profiles

Last week, we discussed the importance of having good job profiles inside your organization. Over the years of doing literally thousands of job profiles, we’ve uncovered a multitude of risks inherent in not having appropriate or correct job profiles. Here are our top three: Performance management breaks down A profile is a comprehensive description of […]

Role Profiles: Their construction and use

Accurate and comprehensive role profiles are core requirements for almost any successful talent management, human capital, or recruitment initiative. A well-constructed role profile can be used to support recruitment and selection, development, job grading, performance management, career pathing and succession planning. How are role profiles created? A proper method of profiling a role would always include […]

Bespoke Software Systems: 3 Powerful Advantages

In last week’s post, we explained the pros and cons of custom vs. off-the-shelf software solutions. Today, we look at three powerful advantages of using custom or bespoke software in your organisation. Bespoke software can eliminate hard-to-kill manual processes All organisations have them. Those manual, tedious processes that have stuck around for ages, despite everybody […]

What is Bespoke Software Development?

Custom Software Development’s Origin-Story The term bespoke originates from England as far back as 1745 and it was mostly used as a reference to tailor-made clothing, for example, “made to individual order” or “custom-made”. In recent years the term has become more synonymous with all things I.T. and now refers to customised software development. Bespoke software […]


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