Psychometric Assessments

Take the guesswork out of selecting and developing talented, competent people for your organisation’s future.

Who uses Psychometric Assessments?

Client:Talent Manager, Construction Company

Psychometric assessments helped her to re-define the talent pool and make science-based decisions about development initiatives

Client:CEO and founder; Franchise

Assessments help him protect his brand by selecting the right people who can drive his vision for the future

Client:HR Manager; Transport Retailer

Assessments inform every selection decision he makes about high-risk, critical roles in the company

Take the guesswork out of selecting and developing talented, competent people for your organisation’s future
Psychometric assessments draw on nearly 100 years of robust psychological science to give you an accurate, unbiased read on people’s capabilities, potential, and talent. Studies show that manager-mediated interviews are less effective than chance in selecting the right person for the job! Assessments will help you go beyond flip-a-coin decisions to make real impact on the talent quotient of your business.

Psychometric assessments manage the risk of taking on new people and clarifies the developmental and succession potential of existing employees.Whether your goals are to protect your brand, select deeply talented employees, or identify the areas that your people need to develop, psychometric assessments deliver a credible,scientifically robust answer.

6 Reasons why Psychometric Assessments will change your organisation

Assessments take you from chance probability decisions to scientific accuracy in selection and development

Non-psychometric methods are so unreliable, that not using assessments is tantamount to recklessness

Assessments can protect your brand, value system, and organisational culture

Assessments are based on credible science, thus strengthening the credibility of your selection decisions

Psychometric assessment is objective and does not fall prey to the biases of interviews or CV checking

Assessment feedbacks are powerful coaching and developmental interventions in their own right

The Extra Edge: Additional Features and Highlights

  • Omnicor assessments focus on the feedback process with both management and assessed candidates. Feedback is developmental in nature, and aim at galvanising change.
  • Our assessments are reported in multiple formats, customised to client needs.
  • Our spacious in-house assessment facility allows you to book assessments quickly and efficiently, without having to wait around for an opening or gap.
  • Omnicor assessments draw on more than 500 registered tools and measures to get the most accurate and customised read on your talent questions.
  • Using our unique RoleFit platform, assessments can be conducted online, anywhere in the world.
  • Omnicor assessments don’t just stop at individual reporting. We provide the client with management intelligence that develops organisational talent strategy.