Illume 360°


Our 360 Degree Assessment service helps to give perspective into the individual’s brand within the organisation, and to identify perceptual gaps between what they see as their personal brand and what others around them are observing from day to day.

As a wide-application service, it can also be used as a measurement of leadership in the company, of how values and ethics are lived and practiced within the organisation, of gaps in employee management and training, and to identify gaps in perception between the company and its clients.


Our Approach

Results are highly visual and practical. We also offer face-to-face feedback by our experienced facilitators that serves as a powerful change conversation based on 360 results. If the client prefers, we can also train internal 360 facilitators.

In addition to individual reporting, Omnicor can prepare organisational feedback and reporting that gives clients a snapshot of their teams’ behaviours and perceptions. We have developed this system over a number of years and have developed key advantages over other coaching systems available.